Why it is not all about power, money and sex.

Erik Kruger and CraigWilkinson chat

 “Craig Wilkinson is on a mission to help men rediscover true masculinity.

He is doing so through Father-a-nation and his new book DAD. I enjoyed this interview for various reasons but mainly because Craig truly has a deep understanding of the issues that face men today. You hear it often that masculinity is in a state of crisis. Men are unsure what they are supposed to be or who they are supposed to be. They are bombarded by expectations set by religion, media and culture. Yet, the true meaning of masculinity might be more simple than you would expect.”

Erik Kruger, Better Man

Listen as we talk about:

04:00 Transforming men.

06:00 Masculine stereotypes and confusion, what it takes to be a man (money, power and sex).

07:40 What is masculinity about? (battle to fight, beauty to pursue, adventure to live)

10:00 Stand for something.

10:55 Opposite of masculinity is passivity.

11:30 Roadmap to purpose.

12:12 Your purpose is written on your soul.

15:00 Men in the modern age.

17:25 Protective masculinity.

19:07 The twisted Alpha male.

20:42 Masculinity and Feminism.

25:50 Masculinity and religion.

26:45 Where do we start to heal the wound?

29:07 Craig’s wound.

30:00 The refathering process.

32:00 Books to help you on your way – Wild at heart, DAD

33:24 Raising a daughter.

36:40 Craig’s 3 tips for living a better life.

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