ETV news coverage of Father A Nation

“Against all odds” on ETV news showcases Father A Nation (FAN). Founded by Craig, FAN is an organization that trains ordinary men to look after child-headed families in Bophelong Township. Most children in this area don’t have time to discuss their issues with a grown-up and often have no choice but to turn to crime. FAN hopes to rid society of its social ills by reaching as many boys as possible to instill a sense of responsibility from a young age.


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    Loeto says:

    Thank you for the book (DAD),I as a young dad myself am starting to appreciate the art of aspiring to be a great father and not to be a passive father not even an absent father.Your book has taught me not to just be a present figure in my sons life who is currently 2 years old,not to ever ever allow him to have an orphaned heart in my presence.I thank you for i will let go of my childhood wounds from now and allow my son to have his life with my guidance and everlasting support.I love my son and you have made me love him and appreciate him more and more and most if it is possible

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