Five Resolutions for Dads.

It’s barely a week into the new year and already so many of the heartfelt resolutions that sounded so good on 1st January are starting to feel a little onerous. And if we’re really honest with ourselves we know many of them won’t last.  Why does this happen every year?...

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Commitments of all great dads

5 crucial commitments of all great dads

A father is his son’s first hero and his daughter’s first romance – the most important man in their lives. Yet being a great father doesn’t just happen. It’s a conscious choice. In all the work I have done around fatherhood I have noticed a pattern – here are the...

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Father and son

The wild journey of raising a son.

Lately, the popular perception of manhood has shifted from ‘cowboys don’t cry’ to metrosexuals in touch with their feminine side and with a budget for moisturising cream and a face mask! Yet what is at the core of the masculine soul? John Ellridge, author of Wild at Heart identifies three...

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